Deadheads are secretly blessed with our love of the music and a family of lifelong friends, made through the years.  How many times on any given Sunday do we hear, "We are so lucky"! Matt, Thank You for keeping the Grateful Lovelight Glowing!--Bruce

Matt Hartle, pre-eminent guitarist of Santa Cruz and the San Francisco Bay area, brings mastery and fluidity to all he presents, always giving his audience shows which excite and delight.  At his weekly Grateful Sundays at Michael's On Main, he has repeatedly demonstrated his graceful talent of bringing together musicians from afar and each week putting out an amazing show.  His performances are well planned and executed, yet include plenty of 'seat of the pants' playing, leaving the observer pleased, surprised, and even shocked at the colorful patchwork that's been sewn together.--Skippy

Matt's music...if I travel to see him, or the China Cats - it's always worth the effort....they always deliver!!  Matt's playing is refreshing & can often be quite the ride. Much like traveling, you'll find many unexpected delights & twists & curves. And that's only a fraction of what he delivers.  Smiles, joy, expressions.  Like paintings, people experience things that they may or may not put into words. Really, it is at times indescribable.  And for a lot of us, it's a beautiful chance to celebrate how amazing life can be.  He adds so much quality to our lives, it gives us the balance we need to offset all the crap we endure.--Lisa 

When Matt is playing tribute to Jerry Garcia & the Grateful Dead, he has the ability to transport his fans back in time and space, all the while bringing his own fresh improvisational style that then, blows our minds in present time.  Matt's musical talents and gifts have brought together a Grateful Dead community of deep music lovers, old and new, that share in the love of his sensational playing, good vibes and kindness.  Matt has nurtured the growth of friendships and joy in our GD community. Lucky us!! 
When Matt plays his own songs, you further realize his musical knowledge and education go deep and wide.  He can literally play anything!  It's fantastic to hear him bring his own personal style and creativity to his original tracks and you find yourself singing and dancing along immediately!--

Matt's original music is heartfelt, honest and real. His playing is intricate and soulful, and his passion for his art is palpable.   I love being a part of the joy that fills the air whenever he plays.  Happy to be on this bus!--Liz