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What Matt's students have to say...

Kristin H.

I have had piano lessons from Matt Hartle for going on two years. Our whole family is doing it. He teaches us one after the other, 5 altogether. I am the oldest at 68; the other ages are 40, 10, 8 and 6. We are all having a really good time with it. Matt caters each session to the person he is teaching so our lessons are all different. Some of us practice quite a bit, others very little. But even those who do not practice are improving which shows how much they are learning during the sessions. This guy is really great. He is extremely patient, dependable, punctual and flexible. There is nothing that could be better. We feel we have the perfect piano teacher.


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Meet The Teacher

Matt Hartle

"I remember as a child how hard it was to find out how music really works!!! Why do some chords go here, and others go there? How do notes fit together to make chords? What scales do you play over certain chords?"

With questions like these in mind, I have set out to find a more fluid way to teach music to people.


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