Shady Groove

Steeped in the musical history of the San Francisco Bay Area, Shady Groove delivers an invigorating dose of funky blues and jazz-infused rock and R&B. It is good-time dance music that draws from a diversity of American popular genres, and incorporates elements of gospel, reggae and other world music. Lengthy, improvisational flights through a wide range of musical styles provide the inspiration for high-spirited crowds whose kinetic dance-floor energy serves as a vibrant counterpart to the musical journey transpiring on stage.

The strength of the group is reflected in the scope of their original material. From jazzy, ethereal, instrumental excursions, to intelligent and lyrically honest songs, the music of Shady Groove ranges from reflective introspection to full-throttle, rocking abandon. They have developed a talent for crafting unique and distinguished original works, rooted in traditional influences, yet significantly evolved to express the unique insight and intuitive musical chemistry that are the substance of the band’s creativity. Facebook button find us

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Shady Groove Live At Avalon Ballroom