Matt HartleHi folks. I have been studying music for 37 years and hold a B.A. in Jazz Performance from The University Of North Texas.

I remember as a child how hard it was to find out how music really works!!! Why do some chords go here, and others go there? How do notes fit together to make chords? What scales do you play over certain chords?

Well, while helping my son with his 6th-grade math homework one day, I realized that music theory is really no more complicated then the mathematics that he was working on. It made me question why so often our children are taught to be like "player pianos" - simply reading notes on a page and repeating them. While I do see the benefits in learning to read music on the staff, I set out to find a more fluid way to teach music to people and, since then, have been quite happy with the results!

As a student of mine you, or your child, will receive a music lesson personalized to your individual wants and learning style. I have found that no two people learn music in the same way. We will find what works best for you. And along the way, you will be learning your favorite songs!

I teach my lessons in the comfort of your own home. You can be cooking dinner for your child while he or she is having their music lesson!

Thanks for taking the time to read my profile and I look forward to hearing from you.

~ Matt Hartle