I'm stoked to be part of a really cool new project involving Sunshine Becker on vocals, myself and Henry Kaiser on guitar, Pete Novembre on bass, and Bret Bailey on drums. We will be exploring the 1970's music of Eric Claptopn with a variety of twists.

The following is an article by Trick Stevens that sums it up...

"Probably the last thing anyone around here needs is a faithful Clapton-in-the-1970's tribute band. And this project is anything but that. Eric Clapton's live concerts in the 1970's featured songs like: Badge, Can't Find My Way Home, Cocaine, Further On Up The Road, Have You Ever Loved a Woman, Knockin' On Heaven's Door, Let It Rain, Tell The Truth, Layla, etc. Let's take those songs and jams and recast them with new, surprising grooves and approaches. And let's make it fun and danceable, while still allowing for extended guitar extemporizations. What happens if you play I Shot The Sheriff  in New Orleans funk style? What happens if you play Lay Down Sally  like the Grateful Dead might have? What would it sound like with McLaughlin and Hendrix sitting in with Eric? We will explore these questions and many more.

Sunshine Garcia Becker is an American singer who performed backing vocals for the band Furthur. Matt Hartle is the guitarist for the bands Shady Groove, The China Cats, and the founder of Spirit of '76. Henry Kaiser is an experimental guitarist who has appeared on more than 270 albums. Bret Bailey is the drummer of Shady Groove. Pete Novembre is the bass player for Eliphino." ~Trick Stevens

Come join us for a night of big fun on July 8, 2016 at Don Quixote's in Felton, CA.

Music starts at 8:30 pm.


Tickets for the show are available HERE.