Please Welcome A Very Special Guest

I am really excited to be presenting a very special guest this summer:

Donna Jean Godchaux

Donna and JerryLast October I was fortunate enough to be part of the music at a fundraiser for the Town Hall Theater in Lafayette, CA. This event was put on by Tom Stack, of Grateful Dead Merchandising, and featured a band of great musicians from around the SF Bay Area. Joining us onstage both nights was Donna Jean Godchaux of the Grateful Dead.

Onstage the chemistry was great, but what was especially cool was getting to know Donna backstage. She is a very soulful person who realizes that the best music is made by cool people, and that the connections made off of the stage shine through in the music.

Donna especially hit it off well with my wife, Denise. With both of them being from the deep South, the conversation quickly turned to old Southern food recipes and different aspects of Southern culture. Denise and Donna kept in touch throughout the rest of the year and I decided to see if Donna would join us this summer for a couple of shows.

As a result, on July 22nd Donna will be singing with Shady Groove at Don Quixotes in Felton, and on July 23rd she will perform with The China Cats at Club Fox in Redwood City. I look forward to seeing everyone out at these fantastic nights of music!!

For more information or to purchase tickets please CLICK HERE.